Purchase of accident cars?

Yes, Lapin Car Dismantlers purchases all makes of accident cars with the purpose of dismantling and selling their parts.

So, unfortunately you’ve had an accident with your car? Usually you’ll have to make a choice. Repair it, or replace and sell it. In both cases, you would do well to contact Lapin Car Dismantlers!

1. You decide not to repair your accident car

This can have various reasons. Possibly the car is “total loss” for technical reasons or you had been looking for another car anyway. Maybe you don’t want the part with your beloved vehicle just yet but the repair is simply too expensive. Whatever the case, be sure to consider Lapin Car Dismantlers.

We sell OEM quality parts at a fraction of the price. This can save you a lot of money and make the repair economically justifiable. And you help reduce waste. Click here to get a quote.

Get a quote for your accident car? Click here. All cars are processed in the most environment friendly way possible. Want to know more?

2. You decide to repair your car

If you decide to repair your car we would recommend to use of second hand parts. You can read here how you can get a quote.