How to check availabilty and price of a part?

To find a part for your car you need 2 pieces of information. Which part am I looking for and what car do I have? We will need to know these things whenever you contact Lapin Car Dismantlers for parts.

1. Part

The part you’re looking for may sometimes be very easy. Like an outside mirror that was broken off or a tail light that got hit while loading your car. Don’t forget to pay attention to your vehicle’s options too. A bumper might have sensors, a mirror might have an optional indicator. Don’t know the name of the part you’re trying to find? Why not send us a picture? You can use our form or Facebook.

Sometimes it’s not this easy. Your car might have a technical problem but the cause is yet to be revealed. In this case we love to help you to the best of our knowledge BUT we are no garage or dealership. We do not diagnose cars, nor do we have the equipment to do so.

Top tip: a modern car contains many electronics (ECU’s, sensors, ABS pumps, etc.) and these control many other parts (injectors, EGR valves, etc.). It is usually vital that te part is replaced by another part with the same or a compatible partnumber. So for these kind of parts you will mostlikely have to supply us with the original partnumber.

2. Car

Once you’ve determined which part you need. We will need to know what car it’s for. Generally speaking a car has a make, type, generation and phase (eg. Ford, Focus, Mk1, phase 2 = facelift). In order to determine the exact model we will often ask you the ‘date of first registration’ or chassisnumber (VIN). Engine capacity and power (kw) is important for most mechanical parts. The table below provides an overview of the most important information and where to find it:

MarqueRegistration certificate D.1.
MOT certificate
TypeRegistration certificate D.3.
MOT certicate
Year of construction
Date of 1st registration
Registration certificate B.1.
Registration certificate B.
MOT certificate
Chassisnumber or VINRegistration certificate E.
MOT certificate
FuelRegistration certificate P.3.
Engine capacityRegistration certificate P.1.
Engine powerRegistration certificate P.2.
Most import vehicle information