What happens to my end-of-life vehicle?

Lapin Car Dismantlers is a registered end-of-life vehicle (ELV) depollution centre. The process of recycling any car starts with the removal of all hazardous substances. Only registered ELV center recognized by Febelauto are allowed to perform these actions as they have the required equipment and knowledge. The various hazardous waste originating from these vehicles is then transported to accredited processors for further recycling.

After depollution, the car is dismantled for spare parts. These parts are carefully marked and stored. Hopefully they will find a new owner so they don’t go to waste.

In the end, at least 95% of the vehicle will be put to use again. Mainly by reusing the parts, but also thanks to advanced recycling methods. So remember that you are contributing to a cleaner planet by both buying used car parts and returning your car to an approved ELV center. More information about end-of-life vehicles can be found on the Febelauto website.

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