The part I bought doesn’t fit. What are my options?

You’ve bought a part at Lapin Car Dismantlers and is does not fit your?

There many different makes and types of cars. Within the same type of car there are also endless variants, depending on motorization, options, year (month) of manufacture and country (factory) of production.

At Lapin’s, we do our very best on a daily basis to keep our knowledge of all these differences up-to-date.

Nevertheless it might be possible that you received the wrong part for you particular car. Be sure to inform us of this. After all, you have the option to exchange your purchase up to 14 days. Please inform us why the part doesn’t fit so we can supply you with the correct item.

Please note, the exchange option is only available if we are at fault.

We are not responsible if we have received incorrect information or if you (or your mechanic) has made a faulty diagnose.